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Introduction to Big Data


Big Data Analytics (University of Adelaide)

Big Data Fundamentals

(University of Adelaide)

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel (Microsoft)

Data Science

(The University of California, San Diego)

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare(GTx)

Enabling Technologies for Data Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things (ColumbiaX)

Analytics in Python


Six Sigma: Define and Measure

(TUMx )

Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark (UC BerkeleyX)

Data Science

(Harvard University)

Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Red Hat)

Introduction to Apache Hadoop


Introduction to Java Programming - Part 1 (HKUSTx)

Introduction to Java Programming - Part 11 (HKUSTx)

Introduction to Linux


Marketing Analytics: Products, Distribution and Sales(BerkeleyX

Statistics and Data Science

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (MITx)

Computational Thinking and Big Data (University of Adelaide)

Knowledge Management and Big Data in Business (HKPolyUx)

Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R

Big Data Capstone Project (University of Adelaide)

Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud (Microsoft)

Demystifying Biomedical Big Data: A User’s Guide(GeorgetownX)

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