KPN Unlimited Technologies is destination for unlimited technologies leraning and training and e-learning or online learning and certifications .KPNUT shall provide unlimited open source technologies in CD or DVD or USB flash drives Pen Drives or Compustick or SSD or Micro Cards to use as portable applications or Portable OS . Contact by e-mail the technologies required to use as portable applications or Portable OS .The shall be made to the requirement of customers and supplied .E-Learning through MOOCS Online Technical and Management education in collaboration with study centers.You can contact through e-mail for recruitment and staffing and admission counseling in MOOCS and recruitment and staffing through e-mail at or or

COMPANY PROFILE: KPN UNLIMITED TECHNOLOGIESis a vibrant startup and young company whose activities span over diverse areas within the broad realms of information technology.KPN UNLIMITED TECHNOLOGIES with professionals teamed up to offer the Web industry a radical growth. A place where imaginative minds have the opportunity to explore new ideas and implement cutting edge web solutions.Our professionals are constantly abreast with the latest technology and are proven leaders in redefining industry standards than just designing the Web.

Our vision, technologies and tools, information organizations, methods and management approaches, mind-sets have emphasized on performance and high quality standards.We work on path-breaking new technologies and products related to Internet paradigm with the latest in high technology systems.The company has grown by providing high quality professional services to our clients.We focus on the world major markets to provide our services.

KPN UNLIMITED TECHNOLOGIES TECHNOLOGIESis reputed IT group, people who have diversed experience are established since 1996, engaged in different types of business like Exports, Distributors of various products, Government Material Suppliers and also engaged in Information and Technology business and various other type of business and others.The core group consists of highly skilled professionals, administrators, consultants and other dedicated staff.Sri.M.S.Yatnattithe chief executive officer , with high social standing and status, is a highly and practically qualified and self learner and respected personality in India because of his sincerity, honesty and clean & reliable transactions and commands high reputation among the business community with very effective influence in the society and various other quarters.The whole project is of very unique nature and is the one of the firsts of its kind in the world, attracting IT professionals, multi national IT companies and other sections of the society.The project has already started and negotiations are on with Multi national investors and serial entrepreneurs

M .S.Yatnatti Chief Executive Officer

KPN Unlimited Technologies

NO 328/D GB Layout Third Block Valagerahalli Dubasioplaya Bangalore-560059 E-Mail :

  • Virtual Assistant Training Course to Make You a Full Time VA

    Due to Covid 19 Work from home is new normal .Want a job that lets you work from home or remotely laying on a beach? One that is stable and pays a full time income? How about a job that pushes you to continuously learn and grow, with skills that can later be applied to your own business online? If your answer to all these questions is a resounding “yes”, a virtual assistant is what you should look to become.

    The training courseis designed to provide you with a roadmap from successful virtual assistants on what to do and learn to start working as a full time VA. Instead of wasting time trying to figure this all out on your own, it’s smart to just follow KPN Unlimited technologies blueprint.

    What is a virtual assistant?

    A virtual assistant is a remote office assistant. Such assistants can provide the same administrative, clerical, and support services to your business that a secretary might do in person. From booking appointments to handling travel arrangements to taking meeting minutes and even handling project management, if it can be done remotely, a virtual assistant can help.

    Here’s a quick overview of the skills you should look for in freelance virtual assistants:

    • Administrative support
    • Customer service
    • Communication
    • Research and data entry
    • Time management
    • Administrative Assistants
    • Email Handlers
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Data Entry Specialists
    • Google Docs Experts
    • Internet Researchers
    • Excel Experts
    • Customer Support Representatives
    • Bank Reconciliation Specialists
    • Call Center Agents
    • File Management Freelancers
    • Research Specialists
    • Social media management
    • Event management
    • Managing calendars, appointments and emails
    • Preparing reports
    • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
    • Simple digital marketing tasks

    Virtual assistants help businesses reduce administrative overhead by serving as flexible, reliable, and resourceful sources of talent.