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By: M.S.Yatnatti: Editor and Video Journalist Bengaluru: Assembled curated packaged courses in PGDM in business management and Big Data and IT Security and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and many other on demand courses offered by IIMS at "IIMS smart classroom" or Student can convert at home his study room as "Smart class room" with android big TV with Wi-Fi with IIMS evaluation examination and certifications with free and paid MOOCS internet linked resources study packages and if students desires paid MOOCS certifications it will be at additional fees proposed or for details students can contact IIMS smart class room coordinators.IIMS smart class rooms platform in various cities is planning to launch proposed online assembled courses from free and paid internet resources in partnership with KPN Unlimited Technologies and Compulerantutor.com . Learn online at IIMS smart class room in various cities with BIG TV 4 G internet with free MOOCS (Only IIMS FEES) and paid MOOCS (Additional Fess) and OSS portable OS applications in pen drive. Option of learning by smart phones with 4 G internet any time anywhere but verifies certificate is provided by IIMS. IIMS has assembled courses as per industry and academic requirements from free MOOCS and Paid Moocs out of several thousand subject and several universities .IIMS will provide extra freely available internet content and evaluation examination and certification and if student seeks MOOCS Platform certification will have to pay moocs platform requisite fees extra for dual certification .students have to bring their own Laptop. .The KPN Unlimited Technologies - www.compulearntutor.com and IIMS has leveraged in partnership with e learning platforms of international repute for verified certificates from MOOCS providers which have international faculties of Universities with technical collaborators online E-Learning MOOCS providers with cutting-edge technology so that you can earn verified certificates from such platforms(additional cost) and IIMS Bengaluru verified certificates at no additional cost with IIMS evaluation examination and certifications , without moving out of your city and leaving the existing job and without spending huge amount of campus learning .IIMS and KPN Unlimited Technologies video integrated lesions BIG TV smart class rooms with 25 member seating arrangements Unique online computer Laboratory where students can do their Lab work online, in association with leading Indian universities and international universities faculty members teaching . Using the Microsoft Unix and Linux Super-computing technologies countrywide with 4 G networks of Virtual Classrooms powered by Video lesions n BIG TV with quadcore smart phones , KPNUT IIMS brings prestigious computer aided education right up to your doorsteps through E-Learning. IIMS Certifications are industry required and private certifications. Indian Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) Bengaluru (Karnataka Reportedly It is launching online courses and certifications .Think beyond degrees. Make in India Skill India or Digital India can only be successful if they reach each and every one in India Certifications by reputed organizations in Management and IT are gaining ground as employers are giving more wattage to training and certifications while acquiring talent acquisitions .Universities and schools used to be the only places to deliver formalized learning, certified through a degree qualification that remained valid for life. Today, learning opportunities are being unbundled and learners and workers are seeking new ways to accredit the knowledge, skills and experience they acquire from multiple sources. At the same time employers are emphasizing the importance of soft skills, creativity and problem-solving and are looking for new ways to determine whether would-be employees possess such capabilities. What new forms of certification can credibly validate the personalized set of knowledge, skills and experience that an individual continuously acquires throughout life?..